Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Favortie Memories: Fun At Funtasia (2009 Trip)

This was one of the first dates I ever took my girlfriend Daisy on.Fun At Funtasia is a local fun park in my town, and even though it's kinda run-down it was a decent experience.

I haven't seen one of those magic mirrors in ages. We're so little looking through it.

I thought it'd be funny to take a picture on the honka truck, but anyways the arcade was alright it even had a Simpsons Bowling game I've never heard of. 

Mini-Golf was one of my favorite parts. Because of the park's unpopularity (so to speak), we didn't have to wait on nobody.

Daisy loved the go-karts as well. Though I remember having a clear lead on her. 

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