Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Random Pictures From The Past Few Days

The excellent gas station chain QT hit my state just recently, and until now we were stuck just going to the one near my girlfriend's Daisy house. Thankfully more are building and a 2nd one in our area just opened up. I was a bit bummed that the two ones we have are practically identical, but hey whatever.

We also went to the local dollar store and checked out there stuff. It's also weird to go in soon after a certain holiday passes. So much new stuff. Daisy liked the Valentine's Day candy they had on the racks. 

I had more fun with the Mardi Gras stuff. Too bad nobody celebrates that in our state.

Daisy is also trying to eat healthier, so she's been buying a lot of produce. Those pre-packed trays are so expensive though. She settled for something a bit more modestly priced.

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