Monday, January 2, 2012

Things I Hate: Link's Crossbow Training

Despite being a huge Zelda fan, I felt nothing but rage and hate for this title. Sure it was a "free" spin-off, but I felt no joy while trying out this dude of a "shooter".

 Now the game came about because shooting things in Twilight Princess was pretty rad. I loved every chance I had with my bow and arrow.

 So Nintendo makes the Wii Zapper to "help" with shooter games on Wii. Except it's more or less a useless shell of an accessory that you'll end up never using at all.

 Link's Crossbow Training is just a bunch of linear stages of either target practice lessons or gigantic shoot-outs.

The problem was that the game was often too demanding of your actions. Sorry if I didn't get all 1000 enemies or bullseyed all the countless targets. It was too mindless for my tastes, and the dull shooting never kept my attention for long.

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