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Eagle Freedom Links 10-31-10 -- Halloween Style Part 2

Goomba News Network posts music in support of Christine O'Donnell and is pissed and the rationality of anger.

America! Oh How We'll Miss You! shows us a worthwhile endeavor.

Conservative Perspective posts on the absurd with regards to Iran and the U.N.

Creative Minority Report reveals another Obama LIE.

DeanO posts Remember in November.

Let The Truth Be Known has been posting a series called Yes Virginia, there are monsters.

Maggie's Notebook posts on Good Witches and Bad Witches.

Mind Numbed Robot posts on Halloween in Texas.

Pathetically Incorrect shows us about sick dems and voter fraud. 

Reaganite Republican posts on the Projector-in-Chief in fine form on the stump.

Woodsterman shows us a girl on a bike.

The Conservative Hideout posts on Violence, the Left's propaganda, the truth and a righteous rant.

Video H/T The Deacon's Bench

Article: Cecilia Ibru Vs Bill Gate

Gate And Ibru

By Rufus Kayode Oteniya

This piece is not about the man and woman, not about the two persons but two people; it is not entirely about Cecilia Ibru and Bill Gate but about the society as personified by them. It is about selflessness against selfishness; altruism as opposed to egotism; and magnanimity versus self-centredness.

Cecilia and Bill both grew up in the middle class

We love Niterói

Only 13 kilometers separate Niterói from Rio de Janeiro, but on most days we feel a world away. It’s quieter, it’s cleaner, it’s safer and we have wonderful views of Rio!

I’m going to take a page out of Zezinho da Rocinha’s playbook and proudly toot our horn as residents of Niterói. My inspiration comes from the inauguration of a new tourism logo just released by neltur, the local tourism agency, and their contest in cooperation with the city currently underway to come up with a new tourism slogan – with GREAT prizes for the winner.

Many indexes identify Niterói as one of the best cities in Brazil in which to live and work.

Niterói is the most literate county in the country, according to data from INEP (Ministry of Education/2000). It has the highest rate of school attendance among 7 to 14 year olds (97.52%). The average number of years kids stay in school is 9.5, with a literacy rate of 96.4% among those over 15 years of age.

According to the Third Human Development Index (HDI) of Brazil, Niterói offers its residents top level health care prevention and basic sanitation services. The municipality is one of only a few in Brazil to have 100% of its area supplied with treated drinking water and 75% of its household waste is collected and treated in a broad sewage network that includes five sewage treatment plants. (The national average for treated sewage is 20%.)

Here are a few more stats:

• Area: 129 km²
• Population: 474,002 inhabitants (2007 data - IBGE)
• Population density: 3,504 inhabitants/km²
• Average altitude: 5 meters above sea level
• Year the city was founded: 1573
• The coast has 11 kilometers of beach

Luiz is launching into a new enthusiasm for being a local tour guide. While taking state-funded classes that focus on Rio, he is excited about showing visitors around our home town as well.

While I’m not ready to tattoo a mural of Niterói on my legs (only you can go that far, Zezinho) I do enjoy reveling in our good fortune to be living in a city with such a high quality of life.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clinton Nuke Codes Lost for Months?

A story broke recently claiming that former President Clinton had lost the "biscuit" -the card bearing the nuclear codes- for months. What utter incompetence!! I guess this is yet another consequence surfacing due to Clinton screwing around with Monica Lewinsky.

News Report: Shipper Says Weapons Seized In Nigerian Seaport Came From Iran

The Seized Weapons
A weapons cache containing artillery rockets seized by Nigerian security agents at the West African nation's busiest port originally came from Iran, an international shipping company said Saturday.

The statement from CMA CGM, an international cargo shipper based in France, comes after Israeli officials accused Iran of trying to sneak the shipment into the

Eagle Freedom Links 10-30-10 -- Halloween Style Part 1

American Perspective posts on this election being a referendum on Obamacare and on Dems dirty tricks.

       Bluepitbull posts on the Hypocrisy of NPR.

Bread Upon the Waters posts on a revelation made by Obama in his appearance with John Stewart.

Hack Wilson posts on Joy Behar's "nice" words for Sharron Angle.

Hyphenated-American shares some sad but true news on Jimmy Carter.

My Thoughts on Freedom asks Who is the Forgotten man?

Amusing Bunni's Musings posts cute videos on getting your pet ready for Halloween.

The Current posts on The Communist Party USA and the Democratic Alliance.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving With a Gun

H/T The Blaze

Make an effort - VOTE on Tuesday

You remember this ad from the 2008 US elections. It still applies. It blows my mind that some folks think a return to Republican leadership is somehow a return to the good ol’ days. Hello!?

Sunday is Election Day here in Brazil to settle the presidential runoff between a politician who is center-left in his politics and a politician who is left-left in her politics.  (The latter is likely to win.)  Other issues aside, the choice is not all that different, policy-wise.

In the US, the Democratic politicians may suck at getting things accomplished, but the Republicans are down right dangerous. The choice could not be more dramatic.

Sigh. Train wreck. It’s gonna be a train wreck.

News Report: Late General Abacha's Chief Security Officer Would Not Be Released From Prison Unless.....

Al-Mustapher In One Of His Court Appearances
chidi opara reports' investigation have revealed that late Sani Abacha's Chief Security Officer(CSO), Major Hamza Al-Mustapher would not be released from prison unless he returned "very sensitive" audio and visual tapes in his possesion and enter into an undertaking not to divulge their contents in future. Abacha was Nigeria's military President from

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is Charitable Discourse Possible?

While writing on charitable discourse it seems that Conor Friedersdorf manages to be uncharitable toward others with whom he disagrees. While I disagree with pretty much all of his assessments and assumptions of conservative pundits his ideas on charitable discourse seem interesting.

I believe that approaching things in a charitable manner and thus engaging those with whom we both agree or disagree using charitable discourse is the right thing to do, good and prudent. But, if a person comes along and makes outlandish statements and assumptions about your motives instead of debating using facts then one may not be able to be charitable. Should a person base his charitableness in public discourse on the basis of one’s education, knowledge on a subject, gender or political ideology? Does having a college degree make you smarter or more knowledgeable? Does having a higher college degree give someone the right to think that they are better or smarter than you? Are we susceptible as human beings to be more charitable to those we agree with? How come some that have called for charitable public discourse seem to only follow that rule with those with whom they agree, those who are anonymous, or those who they have never met but treat people they have met and know harshly? There can be tough debate while being charitable at the same time. The moderator or blog owner need to be fair and consistent with regards to what comments he/she deems to be inappropriate. Can one’s political ideology blind them to the truth in recognizing evil in the world or when there is one or more threats on the American people?

In most cases even though I am upfront and use a direct approach with what I state on my blog I try to be charitable. But, if a person (usually liberal) appears on my blog and makes ad hominem attacks or outrageous statements then, for me being charitable goes out the window.

News Report: Renewed Discreet Security Searchlight On Prominent Nigerian News Blog

President Jonathan Of Nigeria
There is renewed discreet security searchlight on a prominent United States Of America(USA) based news blog published by a Nigerian following the bomb blast at Abuja, Nigeria's capital city during the 1st October 2010 Independence anniversary celebrations for which Movement For The Emancipation Of Niger Delta(MEND) claimed responsibility.

Security contacts

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Time Audience Breaks Into Pledge of Allegiance Despite the League of Women Voters Moderator Objecting

For some reason I can't get the video to load so above are two links to the video.

This is the second time that a League of Women Voters moderator has tried to deny the audience from saying the Pledge of Allegiance when requested before a debate.  This is also the second time the audience stood up and said the Pledge, making sure the Pledge would be said, before the debate.  Tim Murphy is actually my Representative and is a conservative.

H/T HotAirPundit

Gay Pride parade in Rocinha

 Wow.  But why am I surprised? 

On Sunday, October 24th, we attended the first-ever Gay Pride Parade in the Rocinha favela in Rio.  What a hoot!  We arrived early, met up with our friend Zezinho, enjoyed a few beers/sodas, and then made our way to the PERFECT location to watch it all.

Zezinho (with a mural of Rocinha tatooed on his legs) with two friends.

Hats off to Zezinho for scoping out the PERFECT SPOT!

OK, so the official time mentioned for when the parade was to begin was 2:00 p.m. – but remember, we are in Brazil, after all.  Things really got going around 3:30 p.m.

No matter.  We had our spot.  It included benches.  It was across the street from a barzinho (with a toilet).  We could see everything coming and going.  We definitely felt the crescendo of enthusiasm and excitement throughout the day.

Very happy baby gay guy all dolled up for the event.

It was wonderful.  Queer folk, neighborhood folk, young folk, flamboyant folk – they were all there.  An ear-splitting trio electrico anchored the parade with pop and funk favorites, plus microphone-hogging drag queens.  The crowd bounced up and down endlessly.

So cool.  So fun.

A famous gay radio personality was swamped with folks wanting a picture.

Life is exceptionally hard for the residents of Rocinha, make no mistake about it.  Living conditions for many residents are shocking to most outsiders.  Any opportunity for upward mobility is less than scarce.  But the joy expressed during this parade; the pride in one’s community:  THIS IS THE REASON I love Brazilians so much.

There is a commitment to joyfulness, no matter the circumstance.  You gotta love that!

A switchback in the road really shows off the croud.

Shout out to Zezinho and his two friends, plus my bud Amanda for making the day so amazing.

It’s not over – the Rio Gay Pride Parade is set for Sunday, November 14th on Copacabana Beach.  Be there or be square!

Also – don’t forget our campaign to raise funds to support Tio Lino’s after-school program and art school.  We are buying art and school supplies for Tio Lino’s efforts directly supporting Rocinha’s kids.  Check it out.

My friend Amanda has written code for a dynamic button that provides links to both the origianl post about the fundraising campaign as well as a link to make a donation.  If you want to help us out, check out the button in the sidebar and post it on your blog.  Thanks!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joe Sestak: A CINO Pro-Abortion Extremist Who is Wrong for Pennsylvania

News Report: Octopus Paul Is Dead

Octopus Paul In Action
Sea Life Aquarium says that Paul the Octopus who gained worldwide fame with his perfect World Cup predictions has died. He was 2 1/2.

Aquarium spokeswoman Ariane Vieregge in Oberhausen said Tuesday that Paul seemed fine when checked on late Monday night but was found dead in his tank Tuesday morning.

She says that it was normal for an octopus of his type to die at

Riotur guide in training

 Many, many folks have expressed concern that Rio “has a lot of work to do” before the 2011 International Military Olympics (largest “Olympic” games), the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, all to be hosted in Rio.  It is definitely a real concern.

Riotur, the official City governmental tourism agency is sponsoring a series of training courses for those interested in being certified Tour Guides in the future.  Everything is free.  The training includes: tips on the use of language (friendly/helpful), customer service, attitude, reminders about ecological/green efforts, the history of the City, etc. 

Luiz has been taking this course.  It is a brief 80 hour course that grants a basic level certificate for would-be guides that can be called on when the City gets stuffed with visitors.  Given his 20 years of work experience in the hospitality industry in the US, Luiz is a star among his classmates (we are not surprised).

Beyond that there is also a year long technical course at Antônio Prado Júnior State College (also free) that drills down into the many details of the City, it’s history, regional tourism hot spots, sports and entertainment, etc.  This four day a week course awards a first rate certificate as a Riotur Guide. 

In true Brazil style, students of this course are provided lunch and bus transportation costs to and from the college.  Luiz is excited about taking this course.

There are several excursions included in the one year course (to Paraty, Petropolis, Ouro Preto, Ilha Grande, etc.) that do have costs associated with them, but basically just to cover transportation, housing and meals.  The costs are minimal and students get intensive instruction on the destination cities as well as time to practice their skills on excursion busses keeping travelers engaged.

The state college course emphasizes the need to speak at least one language in addition to Portuguese; English, French or Spanish are preferred.

All in all it is a great effort by the local government to prepare for the coming onslaught.

Good job Rio.

And we are about to have an official Riotur Guide in the family.  Work it!  Discounts here we come!

Monday, October 25, 2010

NPR Tribute Featuring Noam Chomsky, Juan Williams, and Nina Totenberg

It is time to defund NPR.  NPR is clearly no longer a reliable source for objective news (and hasn't been for years).  NPR is clearly bought and paid for by the leftist radical George Soros. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rule 5 Posting - Annette Funicello

This week I stumbled upon Annette Funicelli for my rule 5 posting when on October 22, Fox & Friends announced that it was her birthday.

Supporting the children in Rocinha – a donation request

In a community like Rocinha, a favela in Rio with more than 300,000 poor residents, it is impossible for a couple of folks like Luiz and I to be tremendously helpful. We are just two. The most common advice given to us is: “Get over yourself.” But we are determined to support the kids in Rocinha who are choosing art and education over hopelessness.

I learned long ago that it is not about the individual. We have to team up. In our desire to help out the kids in Rocinha, Luiz and I are teaming with our friend Zezinho and his long time friend and artist/activist Tio Lino. And we are asking you, the reader, to team up with us as well. Several new friends in Brazil have expressed interest in getting involved –I would also like to make a particular appeal to my dear friends and others in the United States. Won’t you join us?

First some background. Favelas are ridiculously dense, poor communities in Brazil, usually found along the perimeter of larger towns and cities. The infrastructure is make-shift, houses are often constructed by the residents themselves, clean water and electricity hook-ups are typically improvised, if present. In most cases these communities exist without municipal support (no sewers, no bus service, little to no police patrols, etc.).

Rocinha is the oldest and largest favela in Rio de Janeiro. With more than 300,000 residents, 6,000 businesses as well as many nonprofit organizations, this community has grown beyond its early days of haphazard housing into an organized, self-governing community thriving on the hillsides between Zona Sul and Barra de Tijuca.

Everyday life is electric in Rocinha, but running on scarce resources. For those of us looking to help support people/families who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised in Rio/Brazil, Rocinha is in many ways ground zero.

After some concerted, advance legwork, Luiz and I have partnered with Zezinho, a resident of Rocinha, and will be focusing our efforts on supporting the drop-in education and art space run by Tio Lino. I’ve posted about some of this in the past, so please follow the links for more background information.

Let me introduce you to Tio Lino (Uncle Lino). Tio is a life-long resident and activist in Rocinha who draws you in within the first few seconds of meeting him. His easy smile and gentle, steady gaze undermine any startling impressions otherwise communicated by his large, imposing frame. He is gentleness personified – and the children who always surround him reflect this fact. While not a father himself, Tio Lino has mastered the language of children – and they can’t get enough of him. It is magical to watch.

Tio is an accomplished contemporary artist. He works in various media: paint, ceramics, cardboard, bottle caps, discarded CDs, whatever is available, most of which has been recycled. At age 64 he has been sharing his love of art and his commitment to children’s lives for more than 30 years. For most of that time he has opened his home in Rocinha, hosting an after school homework club followed by art classes into the night. Painted on the front of his studio is the invitation: “Trade your weapon for a paint brush.”

Tio’s efforts have attracted other adults who volunteer to help supervise and educate the children. (Tio Lino now lives in a nearby apartment bought for him by a foreign tourist whose life was saved by Tio after a surfing accident.) Tio does not earn a salary for his efforts. He survives on his pension.

In any given week hundreds of neighborhood children will visit Tio Lino’s studio, practice their math and reading and work on a painting of their family, their neighborhood, or of surfing at the beach. Tio tries to provide beverages for the kids, and occasionally a snack. Activities mirror the festivals throughout the year.

Tio Lino’s art studio is a licensed Non-Governmental Organization (nonprofit).
Very recently the relentless weather got the better of Tio’s house and part of the roof collapsed, closing one of the art rooms he used for the children’s activities. The building has since been condemned and is now slated to be rebuilt. Today he is renting a tiny, one room storefront a few blocks up the narrow pathway from his earlier location. The children have followed him to his new location as sure as day follows night.

Here’s where we come in. Tio and his colleagues will do the work each night in his studio. They will continue to provide an alternative to drug trafficking, violence and hopelessness for the local children. Tio will continue to inspire and encourage his young charges.

What we can do is make sure they have paper, paint, brushes, pencils, rulers, magic markers, tape, glue, glitter, string, color pipe cleaners, wire, water colors, etc. Better yet, let’s support the children with school supplies like simple backpacks, spiral notebooks, pens and pencils, erasers, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners, etc.

We can do that. It’s not the flashiest act of support, but it is what Tio Lino says he needs most. He specifically requests we not send him money. He would like to receive materials that keep his education and art space functioning. We can do that.

Here’s how you can join our Rocinha Art and School Supplies Project. I’ve opened a Pay Pal account. There is a donation link to that account in the right column of this blog. Donating is simple, fast and takes just a few minutes. Please think about how you would like to help. Go to the link and donate $20, $50, $100 or more.

Luiz and I will gather the funds raised and shop at a discount art and office supplies store (Caçula, for you locals) for the things Tio Lino has requested. Then we will deliver them to him personally. Depending on the volume of responses to this appeal we will also stuff string backpacks with school supplies which Tio will then distribute as Christmas gifts to the children.

You have my word that every cent donated will go to support Tio Lino’s efforts. I will make blog posts that document what we have received and how it has been spent, including pictures.

I’m happy to report that already one fellow blogger has donated R$50. (Thanks Peggy.) Won’t you please consider joining our effort? Here is a chance to stretch a modest contribution halfway around the world. A little will go a long way!

A note to my good friends in the United States: You didn’t really think my previous 20 years of fundraising activity was going to come to a close just because I moved to Brazil? I’m still hitting you up for a contribution in support of the activities I’m involved in. Forgive me, but then, this is a really good cause. I can’t get you a tax deduction on this one, but with the exchange rate (1 US$ = 1.7 R$) you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Please – give it some thought. If you are inclined, please post a link to this request on your Face Book page or otherwise forward an email to your friends. This is an exciting opportunity to help some particularly needy children – and to keep them out of trouble.

Now go click on the donate button in the right column.

For Tio Lino, Zezinho, Luiz and I – and all of the children who rely on Tio every week – THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dr. Dave Janda on Obamacare, Stimulus, Rationing & the Solution

Brazil's good luck charms

Attracting good luck, and thus more money, is pretty much a common-wisdom charm practice by lots of folks here.

For example, we have a ceramic penguin that sits atop our refrigerator (note: not on a shelf, not on a table, not on a window sill – on top of the refrigerator). S/he is supposed to bring us more money. We wait anxiously for these results.

Luiz’s aunt gave us a couple of bay leaves a while back. We are to keep them in our wallet. They will bring us money. We have compromised – they are pinned to the bulletin board in our kitchen. (No money just yet, as far as we can tell. But maybe we have broken the charm by not keeping them in our wallets.)

Last year a good friend surrendered his good luck (money) charm to us. It is a tiny glass bottle filled with salt and draped with tiny ribbons holding various charms (bought in the North East of the country). Apparently it was not working for him, so he gave it to us. We have it sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. No money yet. But we are hopeful.

There are an endless number of “simpatias” and charms that are meant to bring about desired results. I only wish they worked. Our apartment has an inordinate number of these jingo-lingoes. And yet we wait…

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Censoring the Censor

First, there was Climategate and now there is Wikipropaganda. Apparently, one of the top global alarmist gurus, William Connelly, along with other global warming alarmists had squelched dissenting science.  Wikipedia admitted that it had been hijacked by global warming alarmists so now a group of Wikipedia arbitrators have banned William Connelly from participating in any discussion, article, or forum dealing with global warming. "They also banned other posters who had turned Wikipedia into their global warming propaganda outlet."

"Mr. Connolley is a former Green Party candidate for local political office and until 2007 was a climate modeler for the British Antarctic Survey. He is also a missionary for the view that humans cause global warming, and over the years he used his power as an "administrator" on Wikipedia to rewrite the site's global warming articles. He celebrated such controversial scientists as Penn State's Michael Mann, of Climategate fame, and he presented even disputed global warming science as fact. He routinely deleted entries that presented competing views and barred contributors with whom he disagreed. He also smeared scientific skeptics by rewriting their online biographies."

Since Connolley and other global warming alarmists used their positions to enlist a one-sided campaign to exclude differing evidentiary science or publications by dissenters I agree with the decision made by seven dispute arbitrators to ban Connolley and other global warming alarmists from participating in any forums or discussions on global warming.

Photonews: Remembering Dele Giwa

Dele Giwa Remembrance Logo

News Report: Nigeria's Oil Militant Group Cease Fire

Niger Delta Militants
Indications are that Nigeria's Oil militant group who rejected amnesty have ceased fire following clampdown by security forces, chidi opara reports investigation have revealed.

Following the October 1st 2010 bombing in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city in which the Movement For The Emancipation Of Niger Delta(MEND) claimed responsibility, the Nigerian Police arrested persons

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It totally gets better

Dan Savage is saving LGBT lives; plain and simple. If you have ever thought that one person could not make a difference, think again. I am referring to his recently launched “It gets better” YouTube video project that has exploded across the internet.

It’s rare that I repeat a topic or repost something. But some things just move me too much to stay quiet. Plus, I put all this effort into this blog so if I want to step up onto a soap box now and again – that’s my privilege. Right?

Anyway – I posted a while back about the “It gets better” project posting videos on YouTube targeting hopeful and reassuring personal messages to LGBT youth who are finding it so difficult to make it through another day of teasing, bullying and rejection that they are considering suicide.

I just checked in again with the project and was inspired by more videos. Hope and support are coming in from all corners. Congratulations Dan, you have quite literally changed the landscape for LGBT and questioning youth. Bravo.

If you have yet to link to this project on your Facebook or Orkut page, please do. It may save a life.

UPDATE: Looks who's joining the effort.  This makes me a proud voter for President Obama.  Thanks everyone who emailed me the link to this video within hours of it hitting the net.

Huevos Rancheros baby!

Yesterday I cooked up a big batch of refried beans and roasted some kick**s salsa.  When Luiz came home from his Riotur Guide training class he looked at the stove and asked "Have you invited guests for dinner?" Yeah, I made a lot.  Oops.

We ate some terrific fajitas for dinner.  Then when I woke up this morning I had a brain storm about lunch: huevos rancheros!

A quick run to the grocery store for an avacado and I'm good to go.  Yum!  TexMex two days in a row.

My MIL is borrowing our camera while she visits Natal and Recife, so I swiped the photo from here.  And you may recall that the recipes have been posted previously here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Missy Smith's Pro-Life Campaign Ads Showing Pictures of Aborted Babies

Since October 19th Missy Smith, the Congressional candidate in Washington D.C., has been running a pro-life television ad campaign, running ads on major networks and on popular shows, which show pictures of aborted babies. And, from October 20th through October 22nd her pro-life ads will be airing on the following shows: Oprah, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seinfeld.

Here are the ads:

News Report: MEND Warns Supporters To Stay Clear Of Nigerian President’s Election Campaigns In Capital City