Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Album] Leessang - Asura Balbalta

Leessang - Asura Balbalta


01.You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me (prologue)

02.You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me (ft. Harim)

03.Turn off the TV (ft.tasha + kwon jungyeol 10cm)

04.Serenade (ft. gaeko dynamic duo windy city)

05.Memories (ft. Baek Jiyoung)

06.I will give my everything to you (ft. jungin)

07.Bird to fly before dying (to.bizzy) (ft kangsanae and bizzy)

08.Asura Balbalta

09.Wild goose chase (ft. guckkasten)

10.Kangnam riche (ft. pobi)

11.Am I (ft.bizzy and b-free)


13.Grand final (planet shiver mix)

DL Album: Leessang - Asura Balbalta <-- MU

Leessang - Asura Balbalta <-- MF

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