Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watched Princess Mononoke

Went to my local library yesterday, and browser their tiny anime collection. I actually never heard of Princess Mononoke before, and I was willing to give it a shot since it was a feature film instead of a long-running series.

The film is set in pre-modern Japan with a fantasy setting. A young prince slays a giant pig demon that was about to attack his village.  The demon managed to wound the young lad, and he later finds out that he's been cursed. The predicament makes him unbelievably strong, however he's also been told that the curse will eventually kill him.

The film is also pretty long, so there's a mix between action and back-story. I really liked the fight scenes between Ashitaka and the samurai. Some of the scenes with mostly talking seem to drag on a bit too long.

Despite that, it's a really neat movie. It's like a battle-worn katana: it may be a little dull here and there, but in the end the film delivers a cutting edge experience.

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