Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Chimney Rock North Carolina Trip 2010


 I took this trip in May of 2010 to the beautiful mountains of Chimney Rock, North Carolina. Chimney Rock is the official name of the mountain too.

Not a fan of hiking? Well there's also a little town with neat little stores and restaurants. My mom took us there for years without ever going up the mountain.  This was my first major trip with my girlfriend Daisy who's wearing the red shirt.

The shops are pretty neat though. Daisy bought a thing or two, yet she didn't buy these cute sunglasses. 

We also went with my brother Zach and his girlfriend Maryanna. Daisy and Maryanna had a great time hanging out together.

They also have a little river around the shops. 

You can either hike up the mountain or take the elevator. We chose option B. There's a decent restaurant/gift shop at the top, and thankfully don't charge insane prices for food versus other places. 

The view is really breathtaking. It makes me wish I had a little house there. 

The hike is not for the weak mind you. It tore all 4 of us up. I'm just glad I wasn't the one driving home. 

The most notable spot is the actual Chimney Rock where the flag pole rests. Great place for family photos.

If you live near the North Carolina/South Carolina border, you have to check this place out.

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