Monday, January 2, 2012

Watched Bride Wars

It was my girlfriend's turn to pick a movie to rent, and she chose Bride Wars. Honestly despite how I loathe the romantic comedy genre, I wasn't exactly hoping to weasel my way out of seeing it. It seemed sorta decent from the trailers and I heard a few positive views from some relatives.

The beginning of Bride Wars is easily the worst part of the whole movie. The whole engagement, friendship talk, and wedding planning is a bit stale to say the least. However the film's plot twist has the two girls fight over a wedding date that both wants like it's a battle of life and death.

The film picks up when the 2 girls decide to break off their friendship and go out of their way to hurt and downright sabotage each other's wedding. My favorite part of the movie is the party at the club.

Other than that, it's a decent movie for your girlfriend. For everyone else, results may vary.

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